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Club Diary

17th March 2021

Planned Events For 2021

Now that we are in the first stages of the road map out of 'lockdown', the following is the list of planned events from our club diary for members to take note.

If all goes to plan as the authorities and indeed all of us hope, then all the events listed will take place as planned but some dates may need to be rearranged or cancelled as circumstances dictate.

22nd May 2021


MLWC AGM, held outdoors at Sutton Staith. Starts at 2pm.

29th May 2021

Spring Bank Holiday Cruise To Holme

Alistair's Spring Bank Holiday cruise to Holme, guaranteed fun for all!

5th June 2021

Steve's Birthday Bash

Fun, games and auction at Sutton Staith.

12th June 2021

Three Holes Cruise

This is an overnighter so bring your best jokes and stories!

26th June 2021

Canoe & Kayak Competition

Details to follow

3rd July 2021

New Members Day

New members day open to the public at Skouldings Rest. Evening party venue to be decided.

18th July 2021

Litter Pick Party

River and banksides litter pick with BBQ after at Skouldings Rest.

31st July 2021

Table Top Sale

Table top sale and BBQ at Skouldings Rest.

6th August 2021

President's Birthday

Boat parade past Bill Barry's House with drinks and cocktails to follow.

7th August 2021

Overnight Cruise to Upwell

Overnighter to Upwell with lunch at Roger and Jane Mungham.

21st August 2021

Canoe and Kayak Competition

Details to follow.

28th August 2021

Bank Holiday Scarecrow Cruise

Cruise to Salters Lode or Whittlesey, best dressed scarecrow wins a prize!

5th September 2021

Litter Pick Party

River and banksides litter pick with BBQ at Skouldings Rest to follow.

10th September 2021

Three Day Great Fen Cruise

Cruise to Woodwalton via Benwick.

18th September 2021

MLWC Boat Skills Cup

Various boating skills competition.

2nd September 2021

The Midnight Cruise

Moor up under the stars and reminisice on days past.

16th October 2021

The "Quite" Disco

Venue to be decided.

5th November 2021

Firework Cruise

Fierwork cruise to Whittlesey Park

13th November 2021

Laying Up Supper

Laying Up Supper and entertainment. Venue to be decided.