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28th May 2021

A Glorious Escape

A total of nine boats and their crews took part in what must surely be an historic moment in our club’s history. The first organised event in over one year and a half due to the unprecedented effects of a global pandemic that has touched all of humanity. The itinerary was devised by our very own Alistair Chambers and in..… read more →

5th May 2021

The Middle Level Commissioners Byelaws To Be Enacted

The long awaited and long overdue MLC Byelaws have now been signed and will shortly start to be enforced and so we hope that all of our eligible members and indeed other boat owners who MLWC helped to negotiate 25% discounts for the seasons 21/22 and also 22/23 have taken up on the offer. Below is the statement issued by Lorn..… read more →

22nd April 2021

March Town Moorings

The Middle Level Watermen's Club have been bombarding local politicians about the state of the public moorings in the town. Due to this and others sending emails we have managed to get some action and notices were issued to remove those boaters who have continuously abused the stated mooring time limits. We now understand ..… read more →

20th April 2021

Middle Level Waterways Users Committee Report

Points of interest for MLWC members. So far to date 80 to 90 boat licenses have been issued. Enforcement has still not been implemented but the pending bylaws are with the Secretary of State who has told our MP Stephen Barclay, that they will be ratified in the next two to three weeks and license enforcement will start immed..… read more →

11th April 2021

New Rural Moorings To Enjoy

As part of their plans to improve the navigation since introducing boat registration charges, The Middle Level Commissioners have installed four new Designated Rural Moorings where boaters can stop for a while during the day or overnight. The first locations were chosen after consultation between the MLC and their new Navigati..… read more →

27th March 2021

A Superb Gift

When Julia Enderby's late father Derek passed away, one of the things that he left behind at his home in Wimblington was an inflatable boat that he used to take regularly on holidays to the South of France in the nineteen seventies. It has spent the last few years sitting in his garage and not knowing what to do with it, Jul..… read more →

26th February 2021

Anglian Pass Announced

For the 2021/22 licensing year and beyond vessel owners will be able to purchase an Anglian Pass from the EA, which when used in conjunction with the Middle Level licence, will allow passage onto EA (Anglian) and Conservators of the River Cam waters. We understand however that there may be some alterations regarding the implem..… read more →

31st January 2021

Thank you Bill and Lynda.

A socially distanced presentation took place this week to honour Bill and Lynda Barry, the past Commodore and Secretary of the Middle Level Watermen’s Club. The presentation of honorary life memberships and a commemorative plaque took place outside their home in March and was made by the current acting Commodore Colin..… read more →

11th August 2017

Light At The End - Standedge Tunnel Reflections

For those of us used to the wide open Fenland skies, or the gentle meanderings of the rivers Nene and Great Ouse, there is one boating endeavour that we are certain not to encounter, to navigate our boat through a significant tunnel!However, that all changes if you point your boat up and through the seventeen locks of the No..… read more →

9th November 2016

Extreme Boating - John Revell Navigates the Old Bedford River

For the second successive year skipper and club member, John Revell on his narrowboat Olive Emily based at Fox's Marina in March, entered the Old Bedford River via the tidal river Great Ouse at Salter's Lode. This at first might sound quite simple, more so than it actually is in practice! Time and tide have to be balance..… read more →