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24th September 2023

New Rural Moorings To Enjoy

As part of their plans to improve the navigation since introducing boat registration charges, The Middle Level Commissioners have installed four new Designated Rural Moorings where boaters can stop for a while during the day or overnight. The first locations were chosen after consultation between the MLC and their new Navigation Officer with vessel owners including members of our own club.
These are 24-hour stay moorings where mooring is allowed without seeking prior permission. They consist of 5 mooring posts, approximately 32m in length located on the side sloping grass. These moorings have signs adjacent to them and consist of driven timber posts and mown vegetation. They are designed to be simple and no other provision or facilities provided. You may choose to stay overnight or simply stop here for a short break before carrying on

The new designated rural mooring as marked by the orange dots.

One of the new rural moorings installed at Yaxley Lode.

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